Diversity Visa Program: A Lottery for Immigrants?

People across the globe have shown interest in immigrating to the United States since time
immemorial. After all, the country offers better – and equal – employment opportunities, isn’t
a war zone, and has lower poverty levels than countless other countries on the face of the

With that said, however, the process that one has to go through to immigrate to the United
States is a major turnoff for millions each year. From vigorous vetting to painstakingly long
application forms, there are a number of reasons why people interested in moving to the
United States put applying for their visas on the back seat.
And if you’re one of the millions who keep hoping for the process to become more hasslefree, you’re in for some great news.
Even though the Trump administration has been entirely opposed to the idea, the Diversity
Visa Program continues to make things easier for numerous potential immigrants each year –
50,000 of them, to be precise.
What is the Diversity Visa Program?
The Diversity Visa Program, known by its more popular name the “Green Card Lottery,” is a
lottery program by the government of the United States that allows applicants to receive a
permanent residence card. Administered by the Department of State, the Diversity Visa
Program was established as a direct result of the Immigration Act of 1990.
As the name suggests, the idea behind the Diversity Visa Program is to make immigration to
the United States more inclusive. This means that countries with remarkably low numbers of
immigrants over the previous five years are given the chance to apply for immigration to the
United States in hopes of starting a new life in the land of opportunity.
According to statistics, nearly 20 million people apply for the Diversity Visa Program each year
from a number of different countries in hopes to win the lottery. Even though there is a
plethora of fraudulent schemes that claim to increase one’s chances of winning the lottery
and being granted entry into the United States, the reason behind the scheme’s popularity is
simple: it’s easy – and absolutely free!
Even though the Diversity Visa Program has helped thousands of applicants thus far, it’s true
that the program has been the subject of immense backlash and controversy. One of the most
recent cases in which the program was highlighted was when a recipient of the diversity
immigrant visa killed eight people in a terrorist attack in the year 2017.
In case you win the lottery while you are residing in the United States, adjustment of status
applications are processed by the United States Customs and Immigration Services