The DACA Program Under Trump’s Reign

The DACA program has been a subject of debate for months. Not only are those benefitting
from the program speaking up in its favor, but judges, too, have shown support for the
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Offering increased security for certain undocumented individuals who had entered the United
States as children, the DACA program does not only grant amnesty for a limited period of
time, but also offers certain benefits that allow these immigrants to reside in the United
States without getting in trouble with the law.

With that said, the Trump administration has shown opposition to the idea for quite a while
now. Even though the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program does not promise
citizenship unlike its DREAM counterpart, Trump’s administration has time and again been
vocal about its desire to end the program with immediate effect.

Interested in learning more about the DACA program, what it can do for undocumented
immigrants, and how Trump and his supporters feel about the program? Read on to find out
everything you need to know about the DACA program under Trump’s reign.
The DACA Program: What Is It and What Does It Do for Undocumented

Announced by President Obama in 2012, the DACA program is an immigration policy that
grants certain benefits to those who came to the United States as children and didn’t leave
the country ever since. Since the program offers multiple different types of benefits from
immunity from deportation for a certain period of time to authorization to work in the United
States, undocumented immigrants have been supporting the policy.

With hundreds of thousands of applicants and recipients, the Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals program is one of the most popular throughout the history of the United States of
America, and has been received positively for years. Towards the end of his second term,
President Obama also showed interest in extending the DACA program to include other
categories of illegal immigrants. However, this expansion was overruled by a Supreme Court

On 5th September, 2017, the Trump Administration expressed interest in phasing out the DACA
program in its entirety. Even though this decision has been put on hold by multiple courts, it
is important to understand how Trump’s decision to phase out the program was aligned with
his anti-immigration laws.

Recently, Trump has also expressed his will to allow three years of DACA protection for
participants who will fund his wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States of