The United States Immigrant Visa Process

Applying for a visa to immigrate to the United States is, by far, one of the most intimidating
processes for countless people throughout the world. Not only are you expected to have all of
your paperwork in order, but it is also essential for you to ensure that all of the information
that you are providing is accurate and updated to prevent any problems in the future.

Even though the process can be long and exhausting, knowing how the process works
beforehand is a great way to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes, and maximize your
chances of getting approval.

Interested in obtaining a visa to lawfully live in the United States? We’re telling you
everything you need to know about the process below.
Petition Stage

The first thing that you must do to immigrate to the United States is have a petition filed.
According to the rules and regulations, it is imperative for a foreign citizen to be sponsored
by a relative who is a US citizen, a permanent lawful resident of the United States, or a
prospective employer.

This sponsor will file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
(USCIS), and the petition must be approved before you can continue with the remaining

Even though the majority of petitions are filed within the United States, certain types of
petitions could also be filed from outside the country.

After Approval
If your petition is approved, it will eventually be sent to the Department of State’s National
Visa Center for pre-processing. This is especially true if your case is likely to become current
within a year’s time.

Since there are caps and limits on the number of visas that can be approved each year for
certain categories, it is possible that you may not get a number immediately. Additionally, in
some cases, the number of applications approved from each country, too, may vary which is
why you might have to wait longer than others to obtain a visa.

You may or may not want to choose an agent for the processing phase based on the
complexity of your case. It is perfectly fine if you wish to be your own agent, and the US
government will not process your case any differently.
Once you’ve figured out whether you’d like someone to assist you in the process, you will
have to pay the required fees to the National Visa Center, and submit your visa application
form. Next, you will be expected to collect all of your financial documents and supporting
evidence to prove that your case is legitimate for an increased chance of approval and easy
After you have submitted your documents, you will be expected to wait for a number of
weeks while your application is being processed. In case any documents are missing or further
evidence is required, you will be informed via email.

You will then be informed about the date of your interview. While most people are scared
that they will not get through, your best bet is to have faith and be optimistic. After all, how
would you have made it so far into the process if your case wasn’t strong enough?

Even though it’s normal for one to be slightly intimidated, it’s important that you don’t let
your fear show. In case all of your documents are in order, your interview will, most likely,
comprise a handful of questions. If the visa officer feels like something is out of place, you
may be asked for additional documentation.

In most cases where the application has been filled out attentively, visas are approved on the
spot without any additional scrutiny.